Gazebos and Pergolas




Timber Framed Gazebos

Extend your living space and create shelter, shade, and focal point. Gazebos and pergolas provide a quiet sanctuary, a focal point in the garden and a touch of elegance for alfresco dining.

green oak timber frame gazebo devon

A sanctuary or a social space. After dark,  a magical ambiance is created by lighting our pergolas and gazebos with atmospheric lighting, LED candles and string lights.  We particularly love these safe, real wax, flameless eco friendly candles, hand made in Devon by a local business: 

Safe high quality led candles from Candled Ltd Milton abbot devon

Timber Framed Pergolas and Arbours - Stylish, timeless simplicity

The timeless simplicity of an open timber pergola with climbing plants provides a shady sanctuary. Our pergolas are made with jointed and pegged posts and beams supporting rafters creating a lattice-type roof. They may be freestanding or attached to a wall. Climbing shrubs or vines can grow up and over them. Long arbours can create walkways or a division in a garden. They are versatile structures and may have benches or swings attached. Please scroll through these photos.

Pergolas and Arbours can be made in any size,  in a traditional style with an overhang or in a very contemporary style with flat cut rafters

Green oak timber frame pergola with a glass roof


We are often asked about the possibility of fitting a glass roof to our timber framed pergolas. We need to know at the time of order if the pergola is to be given a glass roof.

Allowance needs to be made for rain water to drain. The pergola will need to be made at an angle to allow for drainage, and guttering needs to be considered.  Some thought also needs to be given to how the glass will be cleaned!

Glass roofing specialists will need to fit and seal toughened glass panes. We can supply stainless steel fittings which fix the glass to the timber frame. The glass will need fixing holes to be drilled at the time of manufacture and we can provide technical drawings for the location of these holes.

Timber framed pavillions

Timber framed buildings with a pitched roof. They can be used as an garden shelter or outdoor kitchen, or larger versions make perfect outdoor classrooms or multi-purpose entertainment spaces for group gatherings and functions.

green oak garden arch

Bespoke design garden structures

Gazebos, pergolas and arbours can be made to your own design for a unique and beautiful outdoor structure.