Traditional or contemporary timber framed roofs and feature structural trusses

Jointed and pegged timber framed trusses will give any space the wow factor!

green oak timber frame king post feature trusses and purlins

Heavy timber framed roofs and Oak or softwood feature trusses and purlins


  • Tradition
  • Strength
  • Function
  • Beauty
  • Character

Of the many different regional styles of English historic roof timber framing, the King and Queen Post truss styles are the most widely recognised and used most frequently in renovations and new builds. 

There are some other fantastic traditional architectural styles of  timber framed roofs such as cruck frames, sling braces, scissor trusses and arch brace trusses, as well as the modern method of using stainless steel rigging to add a contemporary feel to traditional trusses. 

Please scroll down for a variety of traditional and contemporary styled timber framed roofs and feature trusses.

locally grown douglas fir cut roof king post truss and purlins lamerton devon
Douglas Fir vaulted roof in barn conversion

Douglas Fir timber framed King Post Truss roof on an extension to a converted barn

This King Post roof provides character with a contemporary feel to a modern extension. Made from Douglas Fir, cut on our sawmill, planed on our beam planer and grown less than a mile from our framing yard!

Douglas fir heavy structural timber framed feature roof structure for a barn conversion
Bremridge music concert venue near Ashburton Devon with mezzanine and oak balcony

Sling brace truss with mezzanine balcony

green oak timber frame with a vaulted roof

Green Oak timber framed sling brace truss

A sling brace truss allows for a vaulted roof space with huge character and avoids the need for a collar which can reduce head space in the upper floor. 

Timber framed King Post trusses

green oak timber frame king post trusses and purlins

Green oak timber framed King Post truss

The classic, familiar King Post Truss, also known as a Crown Post, consists of a central post which rises from the tie beam to support the ridge of the roof. The struts can be curved as seen above, or straight as in the photos on the right

heavy timber framed truss devon

Green oak king post feature truss with straight struts in a modern extension to a Devon farmhouse

Green oak timber frame extension king post feature trusses and purlins cornwall

Green oak king post truss and purlins

Timber framed Queen Post trusses and purlins

queen post truss green oak timber frames devon

Green Oak Queen Post trusses in a riverside cabin

feature green oak queen post trusses and purlins in a barn conversion

Green Oak Queen Post trusses and purlins in a Devon barn conversion

The pictures below show a Timber Framed Douglas Fir roof for a barn conversion. This project was a contract timber frame, designed on our 3D CAD programme and built for a local construction company.

3D CAD CAM timber design

Timber framed cut roof for a Cornish barn conversion shown on our 3D CAD CAM timber design software

timber framed roof structure

Locally grown Douglas Fir timber framed jointed and pegged roof with trusses and purlins

barn conversion in cornwall with a timber framed roof being built

Timber framed roofs are a perfect choice for vaulted ceilings and for preserving character in barn conversions

Douglas fir vaulted roof barn conversion during construction on a rainy day in Cornwall

Timber Framed roof for barn conversion

Shown during construction just before the Cornish skies opened!

Timber framed green oak arch brace truss in a Dartmoor barn restoration

Another historic truss design is the Arch brace truss, the primary function of which is to create a large span without the use of a tie beam. Arch brace trusses are rather time consuming to make but they look great and offer amazing character! These trusses and purlins were made for a barn conversion on Dartmoor.

Traditional arch brace green oak timber framed trusses and purlins in a barn conversion
Arch brace truss
hand crafted timber frame arch brace truss devon
hand hewn scissor truss for restoration
hand hewing round timber with adze
original historic scissor truss
replica scissor truss

Replica scissor trusses for historic Devonshire barn restoration project

Tom used his hand hewing and scribing skills to carve these trusses from naturally curved Larch poles.  The bespoke replica scissor trusses replaced decayed trusses in an historic Devonshire barn undergoing a very honest restoration and conversion.

timber framed roof in barn conversion
hand hewing round timber with adze
original historic scissor truss
scissor trusses in roof

Feature scissor trusses

Our lovely customers invited us back to visit the 18th Century barn that they recently converted. The conversion allows the character of the original barn to shine through. The hand scribed replica scissor trusses that Tom made from hand hewn local Larch provide a great feature in the main living area of the barn, which is now used as a holiday cottage

green oak jointed and pegged grand entrance

Green Oak traditional cruck timber frame in Cornwall

This green English Oak traditional cruck frame was recently raised at the entrance porch for the lovely new extension at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery in Cornwall.

Crucks are long curved timbers, usually two halves of the same trunk, framed together in pairs and joined by a tie beam or collar. There are over 2000 examples of historic crucks recorded in England and Wales, dating from around the early 13th century or later.

Many old farmhouses in the Devon countryside contain jointed cruck frames and several examples have been found in Cornwall and so we were delighted to have the opportunity to build a new cruck frame in the county. 

Photos below show the cruck sections during the hand scribing and framing of the huge cruck blades.



green oak cruck blades

green oak sawn heavy cruck posts being measured for timber framing

The cruck timber frame needs to be made to precise measurements. 

green oak cruck blades

cruck blades on trestles ready for framing to start

Timber frame oak post cruck blade and interrupted tie beam

timber framed cruck nearly finished. This is the post cruck and the interrupted tie being framed.

roof truss for curved stairway
green oak roof for stairway tower
timber framers bere alston

Bespoke green oak timber framed trussed roof

Another unusual commission. This green oak bespoke trussed roof was made for a circular stairway in a Devonshire manor house