Verandas and porches


Never underestimate the power of a porch! The contribution of a visually appealing and functional porch is often overlooked. It can enhance the appearance of the house and improve the feeling of transition to the indoor space – in addition to being a great place to leave muddy boots! 


      Sheltered outdoor spaces attached to the home which are inviting, charming and functional. A well designed veranda/covered patio is an indoor/outdoor extension to the interior and provides the perfect place to relax with a morning coffee, barbecue on a summer evening or entertain outside in shade and shelter in all weather.

        Green oak timber framed green oak cruck truss entrance porch

        This traditional cruck truss design makes a perfect new entrance porch for the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery at Lostwithiel. The huge curved cruck blades were made from two halves of a naturally curved English Oak and are jointed together at the top by a naturally curved tie beam and a smaller collar.

        Green oak timber framed green oak Queen Post entrance porch

        This timber framed jointed and pegged green oak porch with a Queen Post truss forms the entrance to the beautiful garden area at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery.

        Green oak timber framed glazed porch

        This green oak porch also functions as a welcoming atrium for this barn conversion. It is direct glazed using toughened Argon filled 24mm double glazing with air dried Oak cover boards.

        A note about glazing on a green oak timber frame: The roof has to be covered before we start the glazing; the rain can complicated things if not done in this order. It may be necessary to fix something over the timber frame (in place of the glass) until the roof is covered, to secure the build from the weather. Onsite glazing carpentry is quite time consuming and takes place ahead of the glass installation.  All the cover boards are cut and fitted first, then taken down and the glass is then installed followed by the cover boards which are fixed with stainless steel screws, which are then plugged over.

        Green oak timber framed glazed roof covered veranda


        A green oak jointed and pegged timber framed veranda with a glass roof, a partially enclosed glazed all weather dining area and an open sided barbecue area.

        Green oak timber framed glass roof covered veranda

        This is a simple green oak timber framed veranda with a glazed roof. No bracing was needed in this frame as the structure is secured to the house on two sides. 

        It is always advisable, particularly in our wet West Country climate, to keep upright timber posts which are exposed to the elements at least 200mm, preferably 300mm above the ground level. This allows the timber to dry out after rain and also minimises the extent of the ‘splash’ zone where rain will splash up from the ground. There are various options for creating these ‘boots’ but the ones that we use most often are galvanised or stainless steel feet for a contemporary look, or granite staddlestones such as the ones used on this veranda, for a more traditional appearance.

        This veranda provides a sheltered dining and barbecue space and allows our customers to enjoy their lovely garden and fantastic views all year round.

        Green oak timber framed jointed and pegged veranda barbecue shelter with glazed roof granite staddlestones and dry oak cover strips Marystowe Devon

        Green oak timber framed covered veranda or conservatory

        This green oak timber frame could either be fully glazed as a conservatory or, better still, fitted with an insulated roof for use all year around as a light filled living space

        Green oak timber framed lean-to covered veranda


        This simple green oak timber framed glazed veranda provides a light filled protected connection between the house and the garden and a lovely area for relaxing.

        Green oak timber framed covered porch and barbecue shelter


        This green oak timber frame provides a welcoming and spacious open porch leading to the front door and is large enough to also function as a sheltered entertainment and barbecue space.



        Glazed green oak timber framed atrium with a green oak porch in Devon


        This atrium provides a light filled connection between the two wings of a new build house in Devon, whilst the green oak porch supplies a touch of traditional character. 



        Timber framed porch kits in Green Oak or Douglas Fir


        We make a range of Green Oak or Douglas Fir timber framed jointed and pegged porch kits, supply only for installation by your builder. We also offer bespoke individually designed porches for which we offer an installation service in Devon & Cornwall.



        Green Oak timber framed porch kit for mounting on a dwarf wall


        This kit is supplied as a kit for installation by your builder.